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19. August 2019

Efficient format changes

Modular SeGMo-Box for efficient format change

To meet the demands of modern industrial automation, Lenord+Bauer has developed a cascadable control unit for its positioning system. As the node in the Ethernet-based network, the modular SeGMo-Box takes over the control of up to 17 machine axes, enabling the individual modules to be coordinated flexibly with the machine.

16. July 2019

Preventive maintenance with intelligent sensors

Information about the condition of machine components is essential to avoid unplanned downtimes. That is why the MiniCODERs with digital interface from Lenord+Bauer supply additional information such as temperature, operating hours and warning messages as well as the rotational speed and position.

10. April 2019

Single turn encoder for modern drives

Single turn encoder for modern drives

If the torque of synchronous and servomotors is to be controlled, the exact rotor position must be acquired. For this application Lenord + Bauer has developed a single turn encoder kit with an additional signal for speed acquisition. After installation, the system is configured using a testing and programming unit and adjusted to the installation situation.

29. March 2019

Sensors for wheel slide protection

Sensors for wheel slide protection

Brake systems are central components of the safety concept in railway rolling stock around the world. The UIC lays down the international standards for them, supporting railway operators and vehicle manufacturers through the certification of systems and components. Lenord + Bauer offers UIC-certified speed sensors for some wheel slide protection devices.

04. February 2019

Artificial intelligence for distributed sensor systems

The use of artificial intelligence could in future enable measuring systems of rail vehicles to independently analyse data as well as generate and classify information. This is the field in which Lenord+Bauer and STMicroelectronics are working. In a joint project, they have developed a demonstrator with a neuronal network for assessing vibration data on the bearing.

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