The key to process reliability

Fast and controlled format changes: thanks to the intuitive SeGMo-Assist digital position display from Lenord+Bauer, that's now possible even in plants without fully automated adjustment.

Digital position display for semi-automation

In many applications purely manual adjustments fail to meet requirements on quality, reproducibility and traceability. One solution is to complement manual format adjustment with the SeGMo-Assist digital position display. The display is simply pushed onto the shaft end of the axis to be adjusted. It communicates via bus interface with the control system, which transmits nominal values and exports reported actual values. This allows the axes connected to the PLC to be monitored reliably.

The position is measured by means of an absolute rotary encoder integrated in the device. The encoder does not need a buffer battery. In the switched off state the drive shaft can be moved by ±129 revolutions without losing the absolute position of the multiturn encoder. The display detects its position after power on or an emergency stop and is immediately ready for use without a reference search routine.

The OLED display with background lighting indicates the actual and nominal position, direction of rotation and operating states. Status and warning messages can be seen easily from a few metres away. In addition, up to ten customer-specific pictograms can be loaded using an easy-to-operate software tool. This means that the user can intuitively define instructions for the adjustment axis.

Lenord+Bauer has compiled more information about the subject of semi-automation in a white paper:

To the white paper "Semi- and fully automated format adjustment"
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