SeGMo Enhance system efficiency when changing format

Our fully UL-certified positioning system consists of three individual elements that can be flexibly combined as required: positioning drives by the name of SeGMo, the decentralised SeGMo-Box control unit for flexible fieldbus integration and the associated hybrid cable solution, including connectors, that is suitable for use with drag chains. 

The SeGMo drives are complete mechatronic systems with a battery-less multiturn absolute rotary encoder, gear and motor as well as integrated power and control electronics. We also offer these for standalone use. With nominal torques of up to 15 Nm, they cover the capacity range typical for secondary axes. Integrate the drives directly into your control system with our function blocks.

Alternatively, you can automate up to 17 secondary axes using the decentral SeGMo-Box. The box handles the power management for the connected drives and concentrates the interaction with the system control.

To the white paper "Semi- and fully automated format adjustment"

Numerous system combinations

GEL 6108GEL 6109GEL 6110GEL 6113
PROFINET IO/RT1212x12x12
SERCOS III1212x12x12
  • standalone
  • 1 combined with GEL 6505
  • 2 combined with GEL 65Mx
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