SeGMo positioning drive GEL 6113


Positioning drive with through hollow shaft

  • Battery-free multiturn absolute encoder
  • Aluminium housing
  • Optional use with the SeGMo-Box or as a standalone device
  • Optionally with cULus component recognition

Product details

Technical dataPositioning drive GEL 6113
Fields of applicationPackaging machines, food and bottling plants, wood and plastic working machines, printing presses and book binding machines, extensive production plants
Supply voltage24 V DC
Nominal torque5 Nm, 7 Nm, 10 Nm
Temperature range0 °C to 60 °C (condensation protection upon request)
Protection systemIP 67
W x H x L in mm
60 x 100 x 170/190
InterfaceCANopen (CiA 402); PROFIBUS-DP (V0/V1); Sercos III; POWERLINK;
PROFINET IO / RT; EtherCAT; EtherNet/IP; Modbus/TCP


General accessories (not included in the scope of supply)

Item No.Description
FS 3016Mating connector PROFIBUS-DP, M12, B-coded input (female)(1)
FS 3017Mating connector PROFIBUS-DP, M12, B-coded output (male)(1)
FS 3041Terminating resistor PROFIBUS-DP, M12, B-coded (male)(1)
FS 3020Mating connector CANopen, M12, A-coded input (female)(1)
FS 3021Mating connector CANopen, M12, A-coded output (male)(1)
FS 3040Terminating resistor CANopen, M12, A-coded (male)(1)
FS 3039Mating connector Industrial Ethernet input/output, M12, D-coded (male)(1)
FS 3024PROFIBUS-DP, 1 connector, male, 10 m cable(1)
FS 3025PROFIBUS-DP, 1 connector, female, 10 m cable(1)
FS 3026PROFIBUS-DP, 1 connector, male, 2 m cable(1)
FS 3027PROFIBUS-DP, 1 connector, female, 2 m cable(1)
FS 3028PROFIBUS-DP, 2 connectors, female/male, 2 m cable(1)
BK6921Network cable Ethernet, M12 D-coded (male) on RJ45, 3 m cable(1)
FS 3038Mating connector power supply M23 (female)
FS 3067Mating connector power supply M23 (female, angled)
BZK23S1A_ _ L(a)Connection cable power supply M23 (female) and flying lead
BZK23S2A_ _ L(a)Connection cable power supply M23 (female, 90° offset) and flying lead
(a) for _ _ cable length, state in m (min. 3 m / max. 20 m)
(1) not suitable for the UL variants

Mechanical accessories (not included in the scope of supply)

Item No.Description
MZ 1351Clamp coupling for shaft diameter 15 mm
MZ 1335Clamp coupling for shaft diameter 16 mm
MZ 1354Clamp coupling for shaft diameter 17 mm
MZ 1356Clamp coupling for shaft diameter 18 mm
MZ 1355Clamp coupling for shaft diameter 19 mm
MZ 1339Clamp coupling for shaft diameter 20 mm
ZB61X01Plain bearing accessories package (Contents: 5 pcs. plain bearing, item no. OG 0001)
ZB61X02Headless screws accessories package (Contents: 5 pcs. headless screw M5 × 20, item no. VS 3412)
ZB61X03Torque support screws accessories package (Contents: 10 pcs. screw M5 × 8, item no. VS 2107)*
ZB6113L01Accessory set
ZB6113R01Accessory set
ZB6113LR1Accessory set
* Available for positioning drives with option 0

Please refer further information about accessories to the technical information.

Numerous system combination options

GEL 61131) 2)1) 2) 1) 2) 3)1) 2) 3)1) 2) 3)1) 2) 3)1) 2) 3)1) 3)

1) Standalone
2) combined with GEL 6505
3) combined with GEL 65Mx

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