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16. March 2021

The key to process reliability

Digital position display for semi-automation

Fast and controlled format changes: thanks to the intuitive SeGMo-Assist digital position display from Lenord+Bauer, that's now possible even in plants without fully automated adjustment.

02. March 2021

Dynamic traction control

Speed sensor for traction control

When it comes to controlling traction in electric motors, often only slightly resolved speed signals are available. This makes it more difficult to start on inclines, for instance. Thanks to integrated pulse multiplication, a high-resolution speed sensor from Lenord + Bauer enables much more dynamic control behaviour. Rolling detection, too, benefits from the greater number of…

11. February 2021

Enjoying work? Of course!

Six Oberhausen companies are among the top employers in the SME sector in 2021. This was a result of a study carried out by news magazine FOCUS Business in cooperation with the ratings platform

22. January 2021

Lenord+Bauer honoured

Lenord, Bauer & Co. GmbH has been awarded the “Innovation through research” seal of the Stifterverband für die deutsche Wissenschaft e.V., a donors' association for the promotion of education, science and innovation in Germany. The award honours the company's commitment to university research, teaching and association work.

21. December 2020

Smart system for positioning applications

Double-head sensor solution mounted on a spindle

In rotary table applications, maximum precision counts when it comes to workpiece positioning. The exact mounting of the target wheel has a considerable influence on the achievable positioning accuracy, especially if the wheel has a small diameter. Thanks to the new i³SAAC-Precision-System from Lenord+Bauer, this can now be significantly improved.

11. December 2020

Increased route utilisation thanks to Cold Movement Detection

Cold Movement Detector, European Train Control System (ETCS)

Lenord + Bauer has developed a Cold Movement Detector. This is suitable for all rail vehicles which are to be equipped with an on-board "European Train Control System (ETCS)" including Cold Movement Detection (CMD) according to Baseline 3. Use of the new sensor eliminates the need to travel slowly so that the Radio Block Center (RBC) can determine the position reliably. The…

22. June 2020

New analysis options in guarantee and service cases

Condition Monitoring with intellgent sensors

Motor spindles in machine tools are exposed to significant mechanical stresses. Undetected overloading can lead to failures. This can be prevented through predictive maintenance. The i³SAAC MiniCODERs from Lenord+Bauer help in the analysis of spindle data in order to predict the probability of failure. They also enable a fingerprint of the entire sensor system to be taken and…

16. April 2020

Faster permit procedure in North America

Format change with UL-certified positioning drives

The procedure for obtaining an operating permit for machines and production plants in the USA or Canada is rather like an obstacle course. UL-certified positioning drives from Lenord+Bauer make the machine acceptance process much simpler.

18. December 2019

Improving the availability of goods wagons

Odometer for mileage acquisition

Mileage acquisition is about more than just meeting the requirements of EU Regulation 445/2011: it paves the way for more efficient fleet management with minimised downtimes. Greater consequential damage can be avoided if wear parts are replaced according to mileage, enabling operating companies to reduce their repair costs.

12. December 2019

Time saving during vehicle maintenance

Sensor test device

The mobile tester from Lenord+Bauer optimises maintenance and servicing work. It can be used to check the operating behaviour of speed sensors with square-wave output signals (current and voltage), irrespective of the provider. Functional capability can be checked not only on sensors that are removed and stored, but also on sensors installed on rotating motors. Testing is…

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