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22. March 2024

Digital MiniCODER among the "Product of the Year" winners

Digital MiniCODER among the "Product of the year" winners

Our digital  MiniCODER achieved the third place in the drive technology category of the "Product of the Year" competition. The voting was initiated by the German trade magazine Computer&Automation. 96 products in twelve categories were up for election.

05. March 2024

Position displays: Simplify manual adjustment processes

Position display with external rotary sensor

Lenord+Bauer’s SeGMo-Assist digital position display simplifies manual adjustment processes. It can be combined with the GEL SEROT external rotary sensor, which is suitable for mounting in hard-to-reach locations thanks to its hollow shaft and compact design.

04. March 2024

Sensors for maritime combustion engines and electric motors

A view into the brochure

Lenord+Bauer has published the new brochure “Motion sensors for maritime applications”. These encoders are used for speed control or positioning in cruise ships, special ships and tankers. They also detect rotation angles in pod drives and positions in sluice gates. Furthermore, they are used in gearbox and winch applications. The company provides sensors with ATEX…

15. January 2024

Compact positioning system for standalone use

Positioning drive GEL 6109 standalone

Automatic positioning systems save time during format adjustment, increase process reliability and boost the efficiency of production lines. The compact SeGMo positioning drive GEL 6109 with batteryless multiturn absolute rotary encoder, gear and motor as well as integrated power and control electronics significantly reduces the effort required for changeover.

30. November 2023

MiniCODER for highly dynamic applications

A look into the catalog

Lenord+Bauer has published the new solution catalog “MiniCODER für highly dynamic applications”. It provides a complete overview of the MiniCODER product family. The bearingless encoders are used in applications where high speeds are required and little installation space is available. They have also proven themselves in high-precision positioning applications.

16. October 2023

Speed sensor for mobile machines

Speed sensor for mobile machines

Mobile machines must be powerful and available at all times. They are usually employed in challenging environmental conditions. This means that the components must work reliably in the harsh working environment. Lenord+Bauer has relied on its expertise from the railroad transportation industry to develop a robust speed sensor for this application.

19. September 2023

VarioCODER nominated for SYSTEMS & COMPONENTS Trophy

Logo Systems & Components Trophy Nominee

The innovative VarioCODER inductive rotor position encoder from Lenord+Bauer has been nominated by Deutsche Landwirtschaftsgesellschaft for the "SYSTEMS & COMPONENTS Trophy - Engineers' Choice". With this trophy the DLG recognizes the inventive spirit of the supplier industry along with its great importance to agricultural technology.

14. September 2023

High-resolution encoder kits with digital interfaces

High-resolution encoder kits with digital interfaces

Lenord+Bauer is expanding its portfolio of digital MiniCODERs to include a high-resolution model. MiniCODERs with MHSSI interface (Mitsubishi High Speed Serial Interface) now offer resolutions of up to 67,108,864 positions per revolution (26 bit).

28. August 2023

Digital position display: Minimum additional construction work

Plug-and-play linear axes + position displays

Semi-automation of packaging machines is now easy to achieve thanks to a coordinated solution: For their linear axes, RK Rose+Krieger now offers adapter kits suitable for mounting Lenord+Bauer’s SeGMo-Assist digital position display.

06. July 2023

Rotor position sensor: Speedy C-sample development

Rapid Prototyping

When standard sensors take up too much installation space, customized solutions are required. A tailor-made product, fast reaction times and low costs are no contradiction in this case. Without time-consuming development work, Lenord+Bauer creates a modular VarioCODER installation solution that truly fits the customer’s design.

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