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22. June 2020

New analysis options in guarantee and service cases

Motor spindles in machine tools are exposed to significant mechanical stresses. Undetected overloading can lead to failures. This can be prevented through predictive maintenance. The i³SAAC MiniCODERs from Lenord + Bauer help in the analysis of spindle data in order to predict the probability of failure. They also enable a fingerprint of the entire sensor system to be taken and…

16. April 2020

Faster permit procedure in North America

SeGMo Drives

The procedure for obtaining an operating permit for machines and production plants in the USA or Canada is rather like an obstacle course. UL-certified positioning drives from Lenord + Bauer make the machine acceptance process much simpler.

29. January 2020

Change in the management team

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On 1 January 2020 Lenord + Bauer appointed a new chairman of the Management Board: Dr. Rudo Grimm now joins Dr. Matthias Lenord on the management team of the specialist in motion sensors and integrated drive technology.

18. December 2019

Improving the availability of goods wagons

Mileage acquisition is about more than just meeting the requirements of EU Regulation 445/2011: it paves the way for more efficient fleet management with minimised downtimes. Greater consequential damage can be avoided if wear parts are replaced according to mileage, enabling operating companies to reduce their repair costs.

12. December 2019

Time saving during vehicle maintenance

The mobile tester from Lenord + Bauer optimises maintenance and servicing work. It can be used to check the operating behaviour of speed sensors with square-wave output signals (current and voltage), irrespective of the provider. Functional capability can be checked not only on sensors that are removed and stored, but also on sensors installed on rotating motors. Testing is…

30. October 2019

Simplifying the exchange of information

The umati (universal machine tool interface) network was launched with the aim of driving digital networking forward by means of universal, standardised interfaces. Lenord + Bauer's contribution to the project is intelligent encoder kits that allow process data to be transferred in a uniform language. This delivers new approaches to condition monitoring.

08. October 2019

Condition monitoring for positioning drives

Lenord + Bauer supports Industry 4.0 applications. The specialist in motion sensors and integrated drive technology expands the product range by a decentral control unit that allows the remote access to positioning drives. This opens up new possibilities for condition monitoring.

19. August 2019

Efficient format changes

SeGMo-Box modular

To meet the demands of modern industrial automation, Lenord + Bauer has developed a cascadable control unit for its positioning system. As the node in the Ethernet-based network, the modular SeGMo-Box takes over the control of up to 17 machine axes, enabling the individual modules to be coordinated flexibly with the machine.

16. July 2019

Preventive maintenance with intelligent sensors

Information about the condition of machine components is essential to avoid unplanned downtimes. That is why the MiniCODERs with digital interface from Lenord + Bauer supply additional information such as temperature, operating hours and warning messages as well as the rotational speed and position.

10. April 2019

Single turn encoder for modern drives

If the torque of synchronous and servomotors is to be controlled, the exact rotor position must be acquired. For this application Lenord + Bauer has developed a single turn encoder kit with an additional signal for speed acquisition. After installation, the system is configured using a testing and programming unit and adjusted to the installation situation.

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