Encoders Wear and maintenance-free

Encoders convert rotational movement into electrical signals. Our encoders combine the benefits of a magnetic measuring system with a robust mechanical design. They have proven themselves in a wide variety of applications across the world, even in the harshest of industrial environments. It goes without saying that these encoders offer high reliability and a long service life.

They provide exact measurement data even under changes in ambient temperature, fluctuations in humidity, strong vibrations, and condensation. This, however, requires some additional product characteristics such as protective coatings, encapsulation, or condensed water outlet.

Incremental encoders

Our magnetic incremental encoders scan a target wheel that is installed in the housing. In this way they generate two signals with a 90 degree phase displacement; direction of rotation, angle movement, distance, and speed can be derived from the signals. After connection to the power supply, incremental rotary encoders basically measure only the difference between reference and starting position. If the rotary encoder is equipped with a separate signal output for a zero index, it is also possible to determine the position via a reference search routine. The magnetic sensors work completely wear- and maintenance-free and deliver analogue HTL, TTL or speed signals. The measurement resolution is up to 266,240 increments per turn.

At customer request, we develop special designs for high shaft loads, with square flanges or torsionally stiff coupling. Even acid-resistant and explosion-proof product types have already been implemented.

Absolute encoders

If absolute position values are needed, we recommend our magnetic absolute rotary encoders. We manufacture redundant rotary encoders with integrated resolver. These are, for example, the series GEL 2037. The objective of redundant measuring systems is to increase a system's functional reliability and safeguarding against failures.

Robust, magnetic encoder

Absolute and incremental encoders

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