Magnetic absolute encoder GEL 2037


With heavy duty flange or tooth wheel adapter

  • Withstands high shock/ vibration loads
  • Not affected by dirt or oil mist
  • Temperature behaviour stable over the long-term
  • Full function in case of condensation: dew-point resistant!
  • No ageing of the magnetic sensor technology
  • Redundant position signal can be provided by integrated resolver

Product details

Technical dataGEL 2037
Fields of applicationRenewable energy, mechanical engineering, mobile machine
Supply voltage5 V DC or 10 to 30 V DC
Temperature range-40 °C to +85 °C
Protection classIP 65
Resolution per revolution8,192 steps (13 Bit)
Number of revolution4,096 (12 Bit)
Flange dimension58 mm



General accessories

Item no.
FB 23507Flexible flange, H = 61.5 mm, F = 160 N at 3 mm
FB 23508Flexible flange, H = 51.5 mm, F = 300 N at 3 mm
FS 11311Mating connector M23
GG 126Mating connector M23, 12-pin, straight, socket, A-coded
GW 126Mating connector M23, 12-pin, 90° offset, socket, A-coded, IP 65
KK 14Clamp coupling
KL 200Assembly kit clamping elements
MK 8Metal coupling made of stainless steel
MK 12Metal coupling
MKF 8Flange coupling, 42 mm flange diameter
MKF 12Flange coupling, 48 mm flange diameter
MW 52Mounting bracket


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