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Integrated Solutions for Intelligent and Interactive Systems
Maritime application
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Integrated Solutions for Intelligent and Interactive Systems
Maritime application
Renewable energy
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Applications Sensors and actuators efficiently integrated

Trust in our experience in motion sensor technology and integrated drive technology. Tell us your requirements! Together we will find a suitable solution for your application. We have put together some industry examples.

Innovations Sustainable solutions for you!

We are driven by new ideas! We are working on the technologies of tomorrow both internally and in cooperation with research institutions. We have put together a selection of current topics for you:

Sensors and actuators to give you a technical edge We can help you boost the productivity of your plants and ease the burden on accompanying processes.

Lenord+Bauer is the right partner for you when it comes to integrating sensors and actuators efficiently, converting signals intelligently into value-added functions and making them available interactively. We turn data flows into exploitable information right where they arise, making integration into your system environment intuitively possible. Put your confidence in the specialists for motion sensors and integrated drive technology.

22. March 2024

Digital MiniCODER among the "Product of the Year" winners

Digital MiniCODER among the "Product of the year" winners

Our digital  MiniCODER achieved the third place in the drive technology category of the "Product of the Year" competition. The voting was initiated by the German trade magazine Computer&Automation. 96 products in twelve categories were up for election.

05. March 2024

Position displays: Simplify manual adjustment processes

Position display with external rotary sensor

Lenord+Bauer’s SeGMo-Assist digital position display simplifies manual adjustment processes. It can be combined with the GEL SEROT external rotary sensor, which is suitable for mounting in hard-to-reach locations thanks to its hollow shaft and compact design.

04. March 2024

Sensors for maritime combustion engines and electric motors

A view into the brochure

Lenord+Bauer has published the new brochure “Motion sensors for maritime applications”. These encoders are used for speed control or positioning in cruise ships, special ships and tankers. They also detect rotation angles in pod drives and positions in sluice gates. Furthermore, they are used in gearbox and winch applications. The company provides sensors with ATEX…

Take a look behind the scenes All processes firmly under control

Find out more about modern and flexible manufacturing in our production and logistics centre.

Here we manufacture rotor position encoders, speed and temperature sensors, bearingless encoders and precision target wheels as well as digital position displays and positioning drives "Made in Germany".

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Finding Solutions. Founding Trust.

“Our mutual cooperation was characterised by expertise in technology alongside a very human level of communication based on mutual trust. That’s what we so value about our cooperation with Lenord+Bauer. We are already looking forward to collaborating on future projects!”

Frederik Gesthuysen, Manager Business Administration & Marketing Division Mechatronics CNC, Mitsubishi Electric Europe B.V.

“It’s great to have a business partner that you can recommend to others with a clear conscience.”

Jörg Töhte, Key Account Manager, RK Rose+Krieger GmbH

“As we develop tailor-made systems, we need a partner that offers solutions meeting our requirements exactly. That’s why the products of Lenord+Bauer are a firm feature of our machines.”

Oliver Bergmann, Head of Electrical Engineering, ETT Verpackungstechnik GmbH

“As a valued member of our packaging machinery cluster, Lenord+Bauer makes an important contribution to our network and the packaging industry.”

Martin Buchwitz, Managing director Packaging Valley Germany e.V.

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