Sensors with artificial intelligence

Machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) are key elements of Industry 4.0. AI describes the ability of the machine to independently analyse data and generate and classify information autonomously. The artificial intelligence should be located as close to the sensor as possible, though, as this minimises the required bandwidths and signal propagation delays. Complex measurement data such as the movement, temperature or vibration of a plant is acquired at high sampling rates. It is then analysed using AI algorithms and assessed. Changes are identified in real time and reported in compressed form.

One of the areas where AI can be applied is predictive maintenance. Machine data is analysed in order to predict the expected wear.


What could that mean for you in practice? A vibration sensor on the bearing of your machine is configured with artificial intelligence. It identifies damage and material fatigue at an early stage and then reports this to the central maintenance system, which compiles and analyses the information from all sensors. This allows you to assess the condition of your entire plant, assisted by visualisation on a vibration monitor.

The future has only just begun: We are continuing to actively develop this technology with the intelligent, integrated and interactive sensor systems. Let’s talk about your requirements.

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As official development partner of STMicroelektronics, we bring artificial intelligence to industrial sensor systems. Together we configure vibration sensors with AI. These are used on the wheel bearing of a rail vehicle axle, for instance, with the aim of acquiring the condition of the whole train. Find out more in our press release

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