Integrated sensors Reduce downtimes

Unexpected standstills of railway rolling stock entail considerable costs. What do you think about intelligent condition monitoring aimed at preventative maintenance? How do you plan to avoid penalties? We’ll help you find solutions!

We respond to your specific customer requirements with integrated, intelligent sensors. Alongside pure measured values, they increasingly also deliver additional information such as status and error messages. In addition to rotational speed, the sensors acquire vibration and temperature on the wheel sets of rail vehicles. All measurement elements are accommodated in a single housing and pass data via cable to the higher-level control system. The advantage for you? You don’t need to think about where in the system you have to position individual sensors.

That means you can just monitor the bogie. The sensor signals enable messages regarding possible damage to the wheel tyre or bearing to be generated and evaluated. Are there early signs of damage, or is a failure foreseeable? We turn data into findings, making it easier for you to schedule service deployments.

We are working on other solutions for the future. Digital interfaces for providing configuration or diagnostic data in a service cloud, for instance, will be available soon, opening up new options in remote maintenance. 

Wherever the journey takes you, if value-added functionalities in the sensor are something you are interested in, then you should get in touch with us! 

So let's get talking!

i³SAAC Integrated, intelligent and interactive sensors as well as autonomous actuators and controllers

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