Goods wagon 4.0 We bring intelligence to the rail

Haulage by rail must become more efficient and hence more attractive for logistics companies if climate protection targets are to be achieved. At present some 70% of German freight is carried by truck. That is why we are working on the intelligent, networked “goods wagon 4.0”. We are collaborating with leading partners to develop new kinds of sensors, actuators and electronic systems. By doing so we are making a contribution towards meeting transport and climate policy challenges.

Time is money, and not only for the logistics industry. At present goods wagons are combined or separated manually. In future, intelligent sensors will acquire the status data of the goods wagon. These data will be transmitted wirelessly during shunting operations, allowing the process to be automated and delivering huge time savings.

Working together with our partners, we test and evaluate the newly developed electronic systems directly in field trials. This ensures close practical relevance.

We are confident that this project is just the beginning. In railway rolling stock, too, the trend is towards integrated, intelligent and interactive systems. What else becomes possible in the future will depend to a large extent on your particular requirements as a customer.

You know your application, and we are the experts in the analysis of sensor data.

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