Digital position display SeGMo-Assist SEPOD R

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Compact position display for guided format adjustment for rotary position measurements e.g. spindles on linear units

  • Display of nominal and actual position to facilitate manual adjustment processes
  • Bright graphical display
  • Presentation of customer-specific pictograms
  • Insensitive to EMC interference
  • Ready for use immediately after power on due to absolute multiturn position detection
  • Maintenance-free
Error-free positioning

Product details

Technical dataDigital position display GEL SEPOD R
Fields of applicationPackaging machines, food industry, bottling lines, wood and plastic processing machines, general plant and mechanical engineering
Measuring systemMagnetic, absolute
Resolution1000 increments per 360° (parameters can be configured as required)
Detection range of the measuring system129 revolutions, also in de-energised state
Supply voltageApprox. 50 mA at 24 V DC
Temperature range0 °C to 60 °C
Protection classIP 65
Dimension W x H x L in mm48 x 70 x 50/56 mm (without connector and torque support)
FührungThrough hollow shaft, material stainless steel
Housing materialPlastic ABS, anthracite
Display materialPlastic, impact protection
InterfaceCANopen (CiA 406), IO-Link, further interfaces via the modular SeGMo-Box
Function earthFlat connector, 6.3 mm


Connection accessories (not included in the scope of supply)

Item no.Description
ZBSGX01ZB Cable CAN bus 2 m M12
ZBSGX02ZB Cable CAN bus 5 m M12
ZBSGX03ZB Cable CAN bus 10 m M12
ZBSGX04Cable CAN bus 2 m M12 open
ZBSGX05Cable CAN bus 10 m M12 open
ZBSGX06Y-distributor CAN bus M12 BU-BU/ST
ZBSGX07Terminating resistor CAN bus M12

Mechanical accessories (not included in the scope of supply)

Item no.Description
ZBSGX081ZB reducing sleeve di = 14 mm


Numerous system combination options

GEL SEPODR1)1)2)2)2) 2)2)

1) Standalone
2) combined with GEL 65Mx

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