Smart system for positioning applications

In rotary table applications, maximum precision counts when it comes to workpiece positioning. The exact mounting of the target wheel has a considerable influence on the achievable positioning accuracy, especially if the wheel has a small diameter. Thanks to the new i³SAAC-Precision-System from Lenord+Bauer, this can now be significantly improved.

Double-head sensor solution mounted on a spindle

If the position of an axle is to be measured exactly, measuring scales must be fitted with enormous precision. Supporting sensor solutions have so far been difficult to integrate and were frequently very expensive. The easy to mount i³SAAC-Precision-System now solves this problem. It consists of two tried-and-tested standard MiniCODERs and the i³SAAC-Precision-Box for direct spindle mounting. 

An advantage for the user is that identical encoder kits from Lenord+Bauer can be used in the motor spindle as a single solution for revolution counting and as a double-head version for high-precision positioning applications. This reduces the range of versions, and any MiniCODER high-speed solutions already present are retained.

The i³SAAC-Precision-Box is connected by means of a compact connector solution using two encoder kits mounted offset at an angle of 180° on the target wheel. The analogue signals they produce are processed and prepared in the box. This dynamically minimises the eccentricity error - also known as the long-wave error - even at high rotational speeds up to well over 50,000 rpm. Temperature signals from the spindle can likewise be connected in the box and looped through in a cable for further processing.

There is usually no need for design changes: the i³SAAC-Precision-Box replaces the M23 connector on the spindle. The bearing flange just needs to be slightly adapted with the identical, 180° offset boring and milling sketch of the MiniCODER. 

The encoder kits can be configured using the GEL 211C testing and programming unit. In the installed state, the two sensor signals are finely adjusted once under menu guidance using the commissioning wizard.
The achievable precision can be evaluated by assessing the precision of mounting and the quality of the target wheel. This allows defective measuring scales to be identified at a very early stage and excessive deviations from concentricity or the MiniCODER mounting position to be corrected.
The user profits from a precise, flexible and overall cost-optimised positioning solution with high reliability.

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