Save time during vehicle maintenance Testing significantly simplified

Optimise your maintenance and service with the new mobile test device:

  • Supplier-independent testing of the operating behaviour of speed sensors with square-wave output signals (current and voltage)
  • Simple performance test of sensors removed and stored, but also installed on motors
  • Direct and fast evaluation of the signal quality
  • Self-explanatory graphical visualisation

The choice is yours: depending on the GEL 211CSR type you can log in via WiFi or Ethernet cable using a laptop, tablet or smartphone, because the visualisation is independent of the device. You do not need any apps or additional software, because common internet browsers are supported. Thanks to storable measurement results you can reliably analyse and document the operating behaviour.

Let us advise you on the optimum use of the testbox!


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Successfully in operation

“The test device reliably helps us to identify functional sensors that we would have rejected without functional testing.”

Raik Klose, Work preparation and technology, HAVAG Hallesche Verkehrs-AG
Sensor test device GEL 211CSR 211c.jpg


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