Sensor test device GEL 211CSR

Sensor test device GEL 211CSR 211c.jpg

Analysis of track A/B/N square-wave signals of incremental sensors

  • Functional testing of sensors such as GEL 247x in railroad rolling stock
  • Increased safety for vehicle maintenance
  • Simple on-site testing of the sensor function using the GG211RY002 test jig, the GG211Y001 interface module based on the GEL 211CSR measured data
  • Evaluation of measured data using web browser via LAN or WLAN

Product details

Technical dataGEL 211CSR
Fields of applicationRail vehicles
Analysis of GEL 247X
Supply voltage +5 V DC
Current consumption ≤  500 mA
Data transmission

LAN    (only for type 211CSR4E2D)
WLAN (only for type 211CSR4W2D)

Operating temperature range0 °C ... +70 °C
Storage temperature range-20 °C ... +85 °C
Protection classIP 20
Dimensions W x H x L in mm130 x 123 x 45 mm
Housing materialAluminum anodized, black
WeightApprox. 0.5 kg





Item no.Description
GG211RY001Interface module
GG211RY002Test jig
GG211RY003Testing unit GEL 211CSR4E2D (LAN)
GG211RY004Testing unit GEL 211CSR4E2D (WLAN)


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