Time saving during vehicle maintenance

The mobile tester from Lenord + Bauer optimises maintenance and servicing work. It can be used to check the operating behaviour of speed sensors with square-wave output signals (current and voltage), irrespective of the provider. Functional capability can be checked not only on sensors that are removed and stored, but also on sensors installed on rotating motors. Testing is simplified by the ability to evaluate measurement signals quickly and directly and by the graphic display. 

The compact and light device measures and compares signals from the individual channels or tracks. It offers railway operators greater flexibility for sensor testing, since it outputs values such as output voltage, signal level, phase offset and duty to any WLAN or Ethernet-enabled display device. The aim is to minimise system downtimes and avoid unnecessary component replacement through faster fault diagnosis.

Thanks to the integrated web browser, visualisation is possible regardless of the terminal. Users can log in via tablet, laptop or smartphone. The entire data conversion and evaluation is performed inside the tester. No additional software or apps are required. To record the results from the test measurements, it is also possible to generate a report which can be printed out or saved, making it easier to analyse the operating behaviour. Maintenance cycles can also be documented. Where the user has previously entered the data for their test configuration, the report can be sent directly to Lenord + Bauer for initial fault analysis.

To save time, the connection is established with the aid of an interface box which supplies the sensor and tester with voltage. The connection cables required can also be supplied, as can a test jig including a target wheel with the corresponding module. This makes it easy to check removed speed sensors. A movable bracket with bores for standard rail sensor flanges ensures quick set-up. Tester, interface box with power supply unit and connection-ready cables, together with a test jig with variable mounting brackets, are available as a complete set.

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