Speed sensor for mobile machines

Mobile machines must be powerful and available at all times. They are usually employed in challenging environmental conditions. This means that the components must work reliably in the harsh working environment. Lenord+Bauer has relied on its expertise from the railroad transportation industry to develop a robust speed sensor for this application.

Speed sensor for mobile machines

The new GEL SEI10 sensor uses design elements that have been tried and tested in rail vehicles for decades. The sturdy stainless steel housing and the cable gland ensure high mechanical stability. Additional cable protection is not needed. The fully encapsulated electronic parts are protected from external factors such as humidity, dirt or vibrations. The sensor is therefore especially suitable for detecting speed and position in construction machinery, agricultural vehicles or hydraulic systems. It can be used in electric motors and also in gear units.

The jitter-free and phase-true signals make it possible to evaluate all four edges of the AB signal for speed calculation purposes. This makes it possible to achieve a significantly higher resolution than with conventional edge evaluation. This is critical for low vibration motor operation at low speed and under high load.

The sensor uses a power supply of 5 to 30 V DC. This enables flexible integration in different systems. It is also capable of attaining SIL 2 (Safety Integrity Level 2) to meet the highest safety standards. This technology is already used in a different configuration by Lenord+Bauer in the field of E-mobility and has proven to be efficient in that area.

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