Faster permit procedure in North America

The procedure for obtaining an operating permit for machines and production plants in the USA or Canada is rather like an obstacle course. UL-certified positioning drives from Lenord + Bauer make the machine acceptance process much simpler.

SeGMo Drives

North America is an attractive market for manufacturers of packaging machinery. Prior to commissioning, however, testing is required before an operating permit can be obtained. All electrically controlled devices and systems must be tested by an authorised body. Furthermore, special safety requirements apply to electrical components due to possible fire risks. These requirements stem, for example, from the standard NFPA 79 published by the National Fire Protection Association. Components certified by Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL) or the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) are one way of simplifying the procedure for obtaining an operating permit for machines.

To counter the difficulties met by its customers seeking permits for their machines in North America, Lenord + Bauer has had its positioning system tested by UL. The SeGMo system is a plug-and-play solution consisting of up to five positioning drives, the control unit SeGMo-Box and the one-cable solution including connectors. The components of this system solution first received the "UL Recognized" and "UL Listed" approval marks for the USA and Canada back in 2017. Lenord + Bauer has now completed the "cULus Component Recognition" process for its stand-alone drives as well. 

Each SeGMo is a complete mechatronic unit containing an absolute position sensor, a powerful gear, a BLDC motor and a power amplifier. A selectable Ethernet interface ensures communication with the machine control system.

The UL/CSA approval marks certify that the SeGMo components meet the applicable standards pursuant to UL 61800. As such it also conforms to NFPA 79 and the wiring is as per American Wire Gauge (AWG). This accelerates the permit procedure for the machine manufacturer, which in turn enhances planning certainty for exports to the USA and Canada.

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