Position displays: Simplify manual adjustment processes

Lenord+Bauer’s SeGMo-Assist digital position display simplifies manual adjustment processes. It can be combined with the GEL SEROT external rotary sensor, which is suitable for mounting in hard-to-reach locations thanks to its hollow shaft and compact design.

Position display with external rotary sensor

It detects changes in the position of a machine shaft or spindle without contact. It is mounted at a distance from the corresponding GEL SEPOD L position display. This means that the measured values can be read and acknowledged independently of the measuring point. 

The integrated multiturn encoder makes reference search routines superfluous after a power failure or emergency stop and its electrical parts are maintenance-free thanks to battery-free operation. It withstands extreme impacts and vibration.

The detected values and operating states are transmitted to the position display, where they are shown on the display and transmitted to the higher level control system.

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