Digital MiniCODER nominated as "product of the year"

Good news at the start of the new year: Our digital MiniCODER GEL 244xM has been nominated as "product of the year 2024". The voting was initiated by the German trade magazine Computer&Automation. 96 products in twelve categories are up for election.

Digital MiniCODER nominated as product of the year

MiniCODERs with MHSSI interface (Mitsubishi High Speed Serial Interface) now offer resolutions of up to 67,108,864 positions per revolution (26 bit).

Compared to the first generation MiniCODERs, the resolution of the new digital MiniCODERs has been increased 16-fold. This is available up to a maximum speed of 100,000 rpm. When used in high-speed spindles, improved surface quality can be achieved by increasing control accuracy. The integrated signal conversion also allows precise positioning in the scope of a few arcseconds.

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