Batteryless position display: good for the environment and your budget

The SeGMo-Assist digital position display from Lenord+Bauer, which is used for guided, semi-automated format adjustment above all in packaging processes, is the only batteryless system available on the market incorporating a full graphic display. Low life-cycle costs make this system an impressive solution.

Fully manual format adjustment does not meet the standards for quality, reproducibility and traceability required by many applications. One solution is to add digital position displays. However, in many instances these displays are battery-powered. The Federal Environmental Agency estimates that 65,000 tonnes of device batteries are placed on the market in Germany alone every year. These batteries may contain toxic heavy metals such as mercury, cadmium and lead.

The SeGMo-Assist digital position display is an environmentally friendly choice as its electrical parts are maintenance-free. It comprises an integrated multiturn absolute rotary encoder that does not require a backup battery. Dispensing with battery replacement translates into both ecological and economic advantages with reduced operating costs as unscheduled system downtimes due to insufficient power supply to the position displays are not needed.

The OLED display with background lighting displays the actual and nominal positions, the direction of rotation as well as the operating states. Status and warning messages are easy to read at a distance of a few meters. Up to forty customer-specific pictograms can be uploaded using the easy-to-use software tool. Instructions for the feed axis can thus be designed intuitively by the user.

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