Absolute rotary encoder kit GEL 2800

Absolute rotary encoder kit GEL 2800 2800.jpg

Bearingless mounting kit consists of a scanning unit and a ferromagnetic toothed wheel

  • With additional incremental output
  • Quick customer-specific adaptation
  • Easy commissioning by on-site adjustment of scanning unit and
    measuring scale as well as parameter configuration by means of mobile service unit

Product details

Technical dataRotary encoder GEL 2800
Field of applicationDrive technology, Special purpose machine construction
Supply voltage5 to 30 V DC
Temperature range-40 °C to +105 °C (higher temperature range on request)
Incremental output
Output signals

A+ / A- / B+ / B-

Number of pulses (pulses per revolution)configurable by division factor
Output signal levelHTL (TTL at U= 5 V DC)
Synchronous serial interface
ProtocolSSI (binary or gray code; others on request)
Maximum clock frequency500 kHz
DriverRS 485 compatible
PresetSet via input level or software command


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