Configurable rotary encoder GEL 2449

Configurable rotary encoder GEL 2449 2449.jpg

Bearingless encoder with SIN/COS or TTL interface

  • Sin/Cos 1 VPP or digital communication possible
  • Records the minimum temperature, maximum temperature and rotational speed histogram
  • It can be calibrated automatically using the mobile service unit
  • For target wheels with 8.6 mm thickness

Product details

Technical dataRotary encoder GEL 2449
Field of applicationFor motors, motor spindles and rotary axes in machine tool engineering
Module0.4 and 1.0
Supply voltage5 V DC
Output signals 
  • two sinusoidal signals offset by 90° and their inverse signals,
    short-circuit-proof, digital reference pulse
  • serial communication, various digital protocols possible
Temperature range-30 °C to +120 °C
Protection classIP 68
Output frequency

0 … 200 kHz at a cable capacitance of 5 nF


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