Improving the availability of goods wagons

Mileage acquisition is about more than just meeting the requirements of EU Regulation 445/2011: it paves the way for more efficient fleet management with minimised downtimes. Greater consequential damage can be avoided if wear parts are replaced according to mileage, enabling operating companies to reduce their repair costs.

Odometer for mileage acquisition

Goods wagons carry heavy loads over long distances on rail networks. If their maximum transport capacity is to be retained and accidents prevented, it is essential that tyres are replaced or turned and wheel bearings and axles are inspected in good time. The wear on many components depends on the miles already covered. Fixed maintenance intervals are of little use, since not every wagon is used to the same extent or has the same distance and load profile. The solution lies in retrofitting the maintenance-free odometers of Lenord+Bauer for exact mileage acquisition.

The basis of the rugged system is formed by an energy self-sufficient incremental encoder that is mounted on the bearing cover without the need for wiring. It obtains the necessary operating energy by induction from the rotational movement of a magnetic assembly that sits on the bearing's pressure plate. This allows batteryless use on goods wagons. The rotations are acquired contactlessly and then stored by the encoder in an internal non-volatile memory for any desired length of time.

In contrast to GPS/GSM-based systems, the odometer does not incur any operating or consequential costs, while the portable RFID reader reduces maintenance expense. Service engineers can export the data locally via a USB interface or WLAN for further processing. Wheel set ratings which were stored in the odometer during the installation process allow the measurement data to be assigned and analysed directly. This data enables users to plan maintenance for each wagon safely and economically using ERP or maintenance software. Maintenance operations can be performed exactly when they are needed, ensuring greater wagon availability and lower repair costs.

In the case of leasing, the tamper-proof solution from Lenord + Bauer also allows transparent billing based on the miles covered by the goods wagons.

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